Introducing The Moy Works Mobile Hydraulics Shop

Rhode Island, meet the newest addition to our fleet – The Moy Works Mobile Hydraulics Shop.

mobile hydraulic repair rhode islandFar beyond your basic service van, the Moy Works Mobil Hydraulics Shop is equipped with rigging equipment and the hose crimping machinery that allow us to get the job done on site. That’s right, custom hose assembly performed on location. We’ll also be able to transport larger pieces of machinery back to our main shop if it requires the use of our larger, more specialized tools, like the Nutbuster.

On top of the sheer utility of the vehicle, we think the wrap looks pretty darn sharp. Rhode Islanders, look for this beast at a construction site or shipyard dock near you.



Moy Works Hydraulics

Founded in Newport, RI in 1993 by Chris Moy, Moy Works has provided customers that range from the US Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA to private yachts and local nightclubs with a select range of capabilities including hydraulics, pipe fitting, fuel systems and a wide range of custom fabrication.

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