Repairing Hydraulic Cylinders is one of Moy Works' prime specialties.

One of the simple facts of life when operating heavy machinery is that hydraulic cylinders stop working. They break or wear out. They stop operating as intended. When this happens, it can create serious problems for your organization, because it means your assets are out of commission. Fortunately, Moy Works is exceptionally prepared and very experienced in hydraulic cylinder repair...and we have a game-changing device to speed up the process.


The Basics of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic cylinders are fairly simple machines. Hydraulic fluid is pushed by a pump in through the base port to extend the piston rod and then into the rod port to retract it. A number of seals and O-rings ensure that the hydraulic fluid stays where it should be while foreign debris is kept out of the mechanism. After thousands of operational cycles and years of age, those seals and rings will eventually give out. In the course of preventive maintenance or in the event of a cylinder failure, it's going to need an overhaul. Moy Works is ready to break down your hydraulic cylinder. We will give it a rebuild which will ensure years of worry-free use. In fact, we just acquired a device that will make the turn-around on your repair quite a bit faster.

The Nutbuster

nut buster hydraulic cylinder repairBack in the old days (right up until May 2021), breaking down a hydraulic cylinder was an incredibly labor- and time-intensive job at Moy Works. We had the know-how and we had the tools, but it could still take a full crew an hour or more to get a cylinder apart. Fortunately, those days are long behind us after the arrival of the Nutbuster Hydraulic Torque Wrench by Hydraulitechs.

With the Nut Buster, no hydraulic cylinder is too large for us to overhaul.

Moy Works Hydraulics

Founded in Newport, RI in 1993 by Chris Moy, Moy Works has provided customers that range from the US Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA to private yachts and local nightclubs with a select range of capabilities including hydraulics, pipe fitting, fuel systems and a wide range of custom fabrication.

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