Moy Works brings four decades of experience with marine hydraulics, hoses and pipes. We service and repair all kinds of boats from commercial vessels to luxury yachts.


We provide the tools and services that New England companies need to keep their heavy equipment and facilities running. Hydraulic fittings and hoses are among our specialties.


A US government contractor with decades of experience providing the Navy, Coast Guard, and other agencies the equipment and services they depend on.


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Moy Works Capabilities

About us

Established by Chris Moy in 1993, Moy Works Inc is a company that offers numerous specialties to Newport, Rhode Island and beyond. We do hydraulic repair and fabrication, pipe and tube fitting, custom hoses, ship repair, welding and more.

Our Capabilities

  1. Hydraulic Repair, Installation and Fabrication
  2. Pipe Fitting
  3. Tube Fabrication
  4. Ship Repair
  5. Welding
  6. Sandblasting
  7. Custom Tube Assemblies
  8. Hydraulic Fittings
  9. Cylinder & Component Overhauls
  10. Custom Hydraulic Hoses
  11. Metal Fabrication & Machining
Moy Works Yacht Repair NewportMoy Works Yacht Repair Newport

Moy Works Hydraulics

Founded in Newport, RI in 1993 by Chris Moy, Moy Works has provided customers that range from the US Navy, Coast Guard and NOAA to private yachts and local nightclubs with a select range of capabilities including hydraulics, pipe fitting, fuel systems and a wide range of custom fabrication.

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215 3rd Street
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